McGill Food and Dining

From student-run farms to fair trade coffee, the food system at McGill promotes sustainability through many different initiatives.  

For a comprehensive look at all of these initiatives, visit Sustainability Initiatives at McGill Food & Dining Services.

Local and Sustainable Sourcing 

McGill's committment to buying and eating local food supports local farmers and reduces greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation. The Macdonald Farm has become Student Housing and Hospital Serivice's largest supplier of eggs, fruits and vegetables in season.  McGill Feeding McGill. In addition, McGill received the Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification in 2013, becoming the first Canadian post-secondary institution to be recognized by the MSC for its commitment to serving sustainable seafood

Fair Trade

As the first Fair Trade Certified university in Quebec and the fifth in Canada, McGill takes pride in offering ethically sourced foods and beverages. Notably, McGill proudly sells Roddick Roast Coffee at most food locations across campus, a Fair Trade-certified blend exclusive to the University that comes from a family-owned co-op in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Reusable Containers

Those who wish to dine on the go at McGill's 5 Residential Dining Halls can simply ask the food servers to place their food in a Preserve 2 Go reusable container. Empty container can then be returned and exchanged for a token at the 'Ozzi' machines the next use. McGill is the first university in Canada to offer this new system to campus users. 

McGill Farmers' Market

Every summer and fall on the downtown campus, the McGill Farmers' Market provides students, employees, and neighborhood residents the opportunity to buy fresh, healthy, organic and local food directly from the farmers who produce it. In addition to the weekly market, they also organize a community supported agriculture program, which provides local and seasonal produce throughout the summer and fall to individuals who sign up for weekly baskets of various sizes. 

McGill Student-run Ecological Gardens

The McGill Student-run Ecological Gardens (MSEG) is a student-initiated and student-run group dedicated to ecological agriculture. MSEG’s vision is to feed academic investigation into ecological agriculture by cultivating land for sustainable vegetable production on university grounds. MSEG sells their fruits and vegetables at markets around Montreal, including the McGill Farmers' Market. 

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