Priority Actions

In addition to two long-term targets, the Climate & Sustainability Action Plan (2017-2020) consists of 22 priority actions organized within five categories. The 22 priority actions are separated into two spheres: climate and sustainability.


  • Enhance the visibility of sustainability research at McGill
  • Raise awareness about sustainable management of research projects
  • Institutionalize McGill’s sustainable labs practices
  • Create a hub of expertise and centre of excellence in sustainability systems
  • Address GHG emissions from air travel


  • Increase access to extra-curricular opportunities in sustainability for undergraduate students.
  • Assess students’ knowledge of sustainability.
  • Improve sustainability content in McGill orientation events.
  • Create educational opportunities around carbon neutrality.


  • Address GHG emissions from commuting activities
  • Engage and connect McGill staff members through sustainability-related programs and activities
  • Assess and improve physical accessibility on campus
  • Raise awareness of Indigenous issues and climate change on campus
  • Increase Indigenous symbolism on McGill’s campuses


  • Address GHG emissions from McGill’s fleet of vehicles
  • Optimize the environmental performance of McGill’s buildings
  • Develop a Waste Reduction and Diversion Strategy
  • Develop and adopt McGill’s first Licensee Code of Conduct

Governance & Administration

  • Increase McGill’s internal capacity on climate action
  • Facilitate and support planning of sustainable events across campus
  • Encourage employees to adopt and promote sustainable behaviours
  • Provide sustainability information to people in governance roles

To learn about the deliverables for each of these priority actions, please read the Climate & Sustainability Action Plan

The implementation of the Climate & Sustainability Action Plan relies on a few key elements, such as community engagement, effective communication, unit-level action plans and the Sustainability Projects Fund. Progress will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Two progress reports will be published – one at the mid-point (at the end of 2018), and one at the end of implementation (in 2020). Sustainability key performance indicators will also be provided for the Board of Governors.