Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2025

McGill's Climate & Sustainability Strategy2025

The 2025 Climate & Sustainability Strategy—which is currently under development—will cover a 5-year span and touch on 8 different key areas of sustainability: buildings & utilities, waste management, travel and commuting, procurement, landscapes & ecosystems, food systems, research & education, and community building.

Our guiding principles, equity, diversity and inclusion as well as climate mitigation and adaptation, are the foundational pillars in which we choose to anchor our practice of sustainability. These principles define our framework of action and help orient the content throughout this strategy. 

This next Climate & Sustainability Strategy will continue to work toward two long-term targets: Carbon Neutrality by 2040 and a STARS Platinum Sustainability Rating by 2030. The objective of the next Strategy is to balance ambitions and realism. MOOS invites the McGill community share their thoughts on how to continue fostering a culture of sustainability on campus as it takes all of our voices to shape this movement.

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