Project Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

The SPF Governance Council uses the following Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria to assess applications. Please review the criteria before applying. 

Eligibility Criteria

At McGill

Eligible projects are led by a current student, administrative staff, or academic staff and primarily impact the McGill campus community.


Sustainability Focused

Eligible projects focus on one or more dimensions of sustainability (e.g. environmental, social, economic). These projects advance sustainability at McGill and are managed sustainably.

Seed Funding

Eligible projects are either new projects or projects that complement, build upon, or scale existing initiatives. Requests for ongoing operating support are not eligible, as the funding should be used to move campus beyond business as usual.

Action Oriented

Eligible projects are action oriented and aim to make change happen on McGill campus(es). In general, research-focused projects are not eligible.



Evaluation Criteria


The project team has identified an issue or need on campus, researched best practices, evaluated other funding sources, and consulted other projects for lessons learned. Given this information, the team is qualified to create the project.



The project creates a positive change, which can include behaviour change and/or improvements in institutional performance. The project and its impacts are shared with the community, and it is planned so that there is a lasting impact, institutionalization, or potential to scale, when possible.



The project is well planned, has realistic goals, activities and timeline, mitigates risks, and has a budget that makes sense considering the project scale and expected impact.



The project is inclusive, collaborative, and considers the voices of undergraduates, postgraduates, administrative staff, and academic staff on the different campuses it impacts. It is interdisciplinary and collaborative between students and staff, when possible.



The project team has consulted with relevant stakeholders and gained their support and/or permission for the project.


Capacity Building

The project is a learning opportunity for involved stakeholders and, when possible, the project incorporates training, volunteerism, job creation, and/or complementary applied student research.