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Apply for Over $5,000 Funding

Applications for Over $5,000 Funding are accepted on a rolling basis. Have any questions about the application process? Get in touch with the spf.sustainability [at] (subject: Apply%20For%20Funding%20-%20SPF%20Steward) (SPF Steward)!

Want to learn more about the application process? Download the How to Apply Flow Chart.

Step 1: Review SPF Reference Documents

Make sure your project fits the scope of the SPF! Becoming familiar with the following documents will help ensure a successful application:

Past successful Over $5,000 projects include Spin Bike Gardens and Macdonald Campus Orchards.

Step 2: Download and Complete the Cover Page and Project Overview (Part 1)

Microsoft Office document icon Over $5,000 Application Form (Part 1)

If required for your project, click here to view and download the FileSPF Staff Position Appendix.

Step 3: Upload Your Completed Application 

Use the form below to submit your Over $5,000 Cover Page and Project Overview (Part 1).

Next Steps

The SPF Staff will be in touch regarding your application within two weeks of your submission and will send you the second part of the Over $5,000 application process, the Project Plan (Part 2).

The Project Plan (Part 2) will require you to complete more information about your project's timeline, stakeholders, budget, and HR needs, if any. It is also at this stage that you can join appendices.

The response time for Over $5,000 depends on how efficiently you complete the Project Plan (Part 2) of the Over $5,000 application process.

Please Note: you have to be signed in to Your McGill Account upload an application


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