Other Financial and In-Kind Support

​Below is a list of other resources at McGill that can provide students with substitutive or complementary financial and in-kind support for their project/initiative. This list is not comprehensive, so please do not hesitate to contact the kim.mcgrath [at] mcgill.ca (SPF Steward) to make any suggestions.

Faculty of Engineering Student Initiatives Funding

The Student Initiatives Funding offers to support Engineering students who want to attend conferences, host select events, and participate in Engineering competitions, both locally and internationally.

Contact: Student Affairs Advisor/ Administrator, Engineering Student Centre

Macdonald Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize

The Macdonald Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize provides seed-funding to support aspiring student entrepreneurs and innovators in all of our academic programs (Environment, Food and Health, Nutrition, Bioresource Engineering, and Agriculture) to develop their start-up idea.

Contact: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (Macdonald Campus)

Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management (MDIIM)

Since 2015, MDIIM has managed an Integrated Management Student Projects Fund (IMSPF) available for student groups to scope, design and implement innovative teaching, research and outreach initiatives relevant to MDIIM's mandate.

Beyond funding support, MDIIM can also connect you with interested management students, potential speakers, or community collaborators. Depending on the context, some staff involvement (e.g. guidance, participation in student group advisory boards, referrals to McGill services, remarks at events), administrative support (e.g. FOAPALs for payment/reimbursement), and promotional support (e.g. marketing, announcements) can also be made available.

Contact: MDIIM Project Manager

McGill Dobson Cup

The Dobson Centre’s flagship competition, the McGill Dobson Cup, nurtures start-up ideas and early stage companies into real businesses. Since 2009, the McGill Dobson Cup helped create nearly 100 successful startups that continue to employ more than 550 people, and have raised over 14 times the seed funding it provided. Check out the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship to discover other resources that might be helpful to your initiative.

Contact: entrepreneurship [at] mcgilldobson.com (Dobson Center for Entrepreneurship)

McGill EngInE

The McGill EngInE, the Faculty of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship hub, focuses on stimulating technologically-based innovation and entrepreneurship at McGill in collaboration with the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, the McGill Invention Development and Entrepreneurship Assistance (IDEA) Group, the Quartier de l’innovation, and the McGill Innovation Constellation. Leveraging the Faculty of Engineering’s research and educational programs, EngInE’s mission is to help develop the next-generation of McGill technological innovators and entrepreneurs by providing education and advice, funding, and mentorship. In terms of funding, the TechAccel Grants help students jump-start and accelerate their technologically-based ideas that have business and social impact potential. 

Contact: katya.marc [at] mcgill.ca (EngInE Manager)

McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS)

The MOOS’ mission is to create a culture of sustainability at McGill - to encourage and unite the efforts of students, faculty, staff and administrators to incorporate principles of sustainability in university operations, campus living and learning and in its relations with the broader community.

Among the in-kind support it can offer you, MOOS can recommend students, faculty, and staff members to connect with for the institutional success of your initiative. MOOS also has a wide range of sustainability-related resources available (e.g. workshops for sustainability skills and sustainable event guide). MOOS can also provide promotional support (e.g. social media announcements, outreach).

Contact: sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (MOOS)

McGill School of Environment (MSE)

The MSE can provide in-kind support for your initiative such as space for your events or meetings, faculty members’ advice, supervision, referrals, as well as promotional support (e.g. marketing, announcements). The MSE also offers a wide range of sustainability courses (e.g. ENVR421, ENVR422) to help you develop the knowledge and skills to tackle today's sustainability challenges.

Contact: MSE

McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI)

The MSSI is a centre of expertise and excellence that takes a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector approach to sustainability. The MSSI hub brings together experts from across McGill’s faculties, providing support and seed funding for trans-disciplinary teams to tackle some of the most complex and challenging issues in sustainability. The MSSI will provide support for McGill researchers from both the sciences and humanities to work together to develop significant, impactful and socially acceptable advances that move society towards a sustainable model of existence.

Contact: MSSI

Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED)

TISED promotes bold and green ideas through education, outreach, and research.  It aims to connect our institution with the public for a greater understanding of sustainability issues in our society.

Among the in-kind support it can offer you, TISED can recommend or connect you to speakers or judges for your event. It can also connect you to Engineering faculty members to advise on your initiatives. TISED can also occasionally offer administrative support and involvement (e.g. participation in student group advisory boards, referrals to McGill services, one-time initiative guidance) as well as promotional support (e.g. marketing, announcements).

Contact: tised [at] mcgill.ca (TISED Manager)

Seeds of Change: Crowdfunding

Launched in September 2014, Seeds of Change is a crowdfunding platform that provides students an opportunity to fundraise for what is important to them. These projects include internships, mental health and wellness, equipment needs, and support for student entrepreneurs and athletes. Seeds of Change also encourages McGill’s network for students, alumni, and friends to support student-focused and student-driven projects. The tailored training offered to each fundraising group, and the various tools and perks available for use, are what make Seeds of Change unique. Every penny donated through Seeds of Change goes directly to the project for which it was intended.

Contact: Seeds of Change

Student Services Innovation Fund (SSIF)

SSIF’s mandate is to solicit, assess, and prioritize proposals for innovative projects that further promote and support student success and well-being at McGill. The goal is to provide seed funding to units within Student Services, or to units working in collaboration with Student Services, for innovative projects and initiatives that will positively impact McGill students. For the purposes of this fund, “innovation” is the creative use of new or adapted ideas that disrupt the status quo and benefit students. They encourage collaborative proposals both within Student Services, and from across the University with Student Services, that will benefit the largest possible number of students.

Contact: student.services [at] mcgill.ca (Student Services)

Other Sources for funding: