SP0241: FMAS Sustainability Push

Status: ONGOING February 2020 - 


The project aims at unlocking significant capital investments to make visible improvements to the environmental performance of our campus facilities, while involving students in the process.

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Downtown, Macdonald, Gault Nature Reserve


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There are many potential campus upgrades from a sustainability perspective. FMAS has earmarked $3-5 million in Capital Funding to fund these sustainability projects. However, the challenge to unlocking these funds lies in the legwork. To research, benchmark and implement these projects, a cross-functional and cross-departmental mandate is necessary. A Sustainability Coordinator would thus overcome these structural challenges, as well as solve capacity issues. The second need it would address is providing real-life experiential learning opportunities to students, since one of the main goals of this project is to involve students and faculty in sustainability projects unlocked through capital funding.

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