Litter Bag Lunch 2011

On Friday, April 29th, 2011, Litter Bag Lunch was held, an event which entailed the collective effort of volunteers giving up a few minutes of their lunch-time to help beautify the downtown campus. Participants removed trash, small debris and other remnants of litter that the melted snow had left behind.

Organizers set-up shop at the McTavish Stairs, and the Milton and Roddick Gates, where tables were placed so supplies could be easily distributed to those willing to lend a hand in the clean-up. The initial group consisted of 13 volunteers, but grew to an additional 30+ participants, who eagerly joined in to lend a hand when they saw the others in action.

The event was first organized last year by the Sustainability Work Group. This year the event ran simultaneously with the City of Montreal’s campaign, which helps clean and beautify city streets and parks. The City provided McGill with information to assist with the campaign, in addition to some supplies, including tee-shirts and gloves, while Buildings Services provided garbage bags and took care of removing the collected litter.

Nearly 30 bags worth of litter were collected in the cleanup, and were hauled away by Building Services in the new Electric Gator vehicle made possible by the Sustainability Projects Fund.

Organizers want to build upon the enthusiastic response they had to this year’s event, and are planning a larger promotional campaign next year with the hope to have an even bigger turnout.