1st Biannual Campus-Wide Freezer Clean-Up Day

Did you know that a cleaner freezer is a more efficient freezer?”

Ultra-Low temperature (ULT) freezers are used in research labs across McGill, to store precious biological materials. ULT freezers can consume as much energy as a small apartment; by keeping your freezers clean, you will reduce time spent with the door open, which will decrease air leakage, therefore reducing energy consumption. Campus-wide, this would lead to dramatic savings as well as significant reductions in McGill’s carbon footprint!

On Friday April 27th 2012, we are asking McGill students and staff to come together across campus and clean their laboratory’s ULT freezer(s).

Send “before-and-after” pictures to freezercleanup [at] gmail.com and get a chance to win a FREE PIZZA LUNCH for the lab, TIM HORTON’s gift cards, and more. This event is sponsored by FisherScientific, Diamed, Thompson House, and the Pharmacology Green Committee (PGC). For more information, check out the PGC website.