SP0161: McGill Sustainable Events

Status: COMPLETED March 2017 - March 2018

Many individuals and groups planning events on campus wish to make their events sustainable, however, they may not currently possess the knowledge to effectively do so. The mandate of the McGill Sustainable Events Project is to improve levels of knowledge and  access to resources on campus related to sustainable event planning. The Project tackles this challenge through three components: a Sustainable Events Toolkit, Sustainable Events Consultant Program, and an event certification process. 

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Our project team has learned that the biggest hurdle to hosting sustainable events is accessibility of resources. This lesson has driven us to create a set of engaging materials and workshops that will improve understanding of strategies and resources related to sustainability for everybody on campus. This project consists of three related components:

  1. The first component of the project is a Sustainable Events Toolkit. To avoid potential barriers to access, the Sustainable Events Toolkit will be available across multiple platforms, of which the primary platform will be an interactive, web-based resource, intended to efficiently deliver the most relevant information to a given user. The second function of the toolkit is to connect event planners with resources available to them that can help increase their event’s sustainability, such as waste-reduction projects (i.e.: Plate Club), accessibility resources (i.e.: Sign Language Interpreters), and more. 

  2. The second component of the project is a Sustainable Events Consultant Program, which establishes the project’s reach and consistent correspondence with event organizers across our campus. The Sustainable Events Consultants are available to event planners who wish to learn more about particular strategies or resources, and are responsible for the implementation of workshops, training, and certification. 

  3. The third component is a voluntary certification process, designed to reward participants for their efforts. After implementing sufficient sustainable strategies and resources, event-planners can receive certification by meeting with the Sustainable Events Consultants. 

The intended effect of this project on people’s behaviours/perspectives/habits is that event planners in the McGill Community will be more likely to prioritize sustainability in their event planning, and that they will also gain knowledge they can carry over into other aspects of student life and continue to use post-McGill.

Funds from the SPF are primarily used to compensate two Project coordinator positions along with the web developer contract for the production of the interactive Toolkit. Resources and additional funding from the SPF will also be used for workshop, tabling and other promotion material. 

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Sustainable Event Consultants holding up a banner! Missing: Victor Bouteiller, Naomi Weinberg, Emma Sutherland, Gagan Singh.
Caption: Some of our Sustainable Event Consultants! Missing: Victor Bouteiller, Naomi Weinberg, Emma Sutherland, Gagan Singh.

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Project Coordinators can be reached at events.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca

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