#SustayinHome Virtual Art Expo

Submissions are open for the #SustayinHome Virtual Art Expo 2020!

What's in Store?

The #SustayinHome Virtual Art Expo invites the McGill community, and their families, to submit a piece of sustainability-related artwork (music, fiction, poetry, drawings, etc.) to the virtual art expo! 

Some of the art submitted will be featured on the McGill Sustainability website, and 2-3 submissions will be invited to participate in a livestream showcase!

All of the pieces of artwork must represent sustainability in some form (see topics for submission below). 

Topics for Submission:

To participate, we invite you to submit art pieces, in any medium, that:

  • Represents a personal commitment to the sustainability movement
  • Represents what it means to drive transformational change for people and planet
  • Demonstrates a vision for the future of sustainability on campus


  • Is an art piece that was created using materials diverted from landfill

DEADLINE EXTENDED: The new deadline for submission is May 26th, 2020.

To make a submission, please email sustainability [at] mcgill.ca with your artwork attached by May 19th, 2020.

In your email, please include:

1. '#SustayinHome Virtual Art Expo' in the subject line.

2. An attachment with your art piece (or a picture/recording of your art piece if the original art is not digital).

3. A short description (50-200 words) of the artwork and how your project represents sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a sustainable art expo?

Launched on the last day of Earth Month, the #SustayinHome Virtual Art Expo aims to bring the McGill community together to reflect on their personal and collective sustainability journey, while building and sharing a vision for the future. With participation being open to the entire McGill community, and their households, we hope that this event will bring us all a little closer together while everything seems farther apart.

What kind of art can I submit?

We will accept all pieces of art that follow the 'Topics of Submission' guidelines. Examples of types of art that can be submitted includes, but is not limited to: poetry, short fiction, fiction, paintings, sketches, music, pottery, sculptures, multimedia, graphic design, etc.

If my piece is not digital, how do I send it in?

In your submission email simply include a picture (or two, or three; we love pictures) and a short description of your work.

Who can participate?

Any McGill community member! This includes; students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This expo is also open to family/household members of the McGill community. Make this a fun project you can all work on together!

Will my art piece be displayed online?

Only if you'd like! Nothing will be posted online without permission and we will always ensure that credit is given to the artist. 

When will the virtual art expo take place?

The livestream will likely be scheduled for sometime in June.

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