Praxis: Training for Change Agents

Praxis : Training for change agents

You’ve learned about wide-spread issues facing our world today – from climate change to social inequalities – and you’re trying to work on the solutions. But creating change is tough, and it’s easy to stumble over the details. How do we form strong teams who feel connected and dedicated to a collective vision of the future? How can we best raise awareness of our cause? Praxis is a leadership program by the McGill Office for Sustainability, developed for students who are interested in skilling up to the next level. 

Facilitated by Office of Sustainability staff, the program consists of six workshops, which feature a combination of leadership theory, personal reflection, and case studies of environmental and social sustainability at McGill, so you can make real change happen. You’ll learn more about yourself and how to lead change, so you can supercharge the campaigns, clubs, and projects that you're passionate about. 

Join a cohort of like-minded students who are motivated to become effective leaders to create positive change in the world. Participants must attend five out of the six workshops to receive an attestation of participation.

Applications for the Fall 2019 cohort are closed. 

Applicants will be notified whether they have been accepted into the program within a week of the application deadline. Sessions will tentatively be held on Thursday evenings (5:30–7:30 p.m.) downtown. If you are unable to attend at that time, you are welcome to apply anyway, and indicate your availability on the application form.

Sustainability Leadership Training Program

Meet and greet

Come meet and mingle with your fellow members of the first Praxis cohort as we kick off the program. 

Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability (mandatory)

This workshop will introduce you to the concept of leadership, and how it pertains to the three pillars of sustainability. Together we will identify the relevance of leadership in sustainability, assess your strengths and weaknesses, reflect, and begin to conceptualize concrete plans for achieving growth.

Project Management Tools

This workshop will provide an introduction to the tools that will help you be an effective leader of complex projects. Using case studies from the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF), we will explore techniques such as benchmarking analyses, succession planning, and writing an effective budget.

Facilitation and Consultation

In this workshop we will learn how to facilitate successful meetings and generate ideas in a collaborative and creative way. We will explore various methods of public consultation with case studies from McGill’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy, and discuss how these methods can be applied to a broad range of projects.

Motivating Teams

What do you do when your team is feeling blah? In this workshop, leaders gain a deeper understanding of sources of motivation, as well as the essential components of increasing a team member’s dedication toward a goal. With these building blocks, participants will learn how to translate an organization’s guiding statements into long-lasting motivation using campus case studies.

Navigating Institutional Power Structures

In this workshop, we will zoom out to the institutional level to understand how power structures can impact our work. We will discuss hierarchy and perspective, before exploring what to do when you hit the institutional “brick wall”. Throughout the workshop, we will look at examples of climate action at different levels of the McGill hierarchy.

Messaging and Communications Strategy

This workshop will explore how to tell the story of your work and make ideas resonate with the broader community. We will learn about the different elements of building a communications strategy as well as practice defining the goals, audience, message, and tactics that will mobilize people around a sustainability initiative.

End of term potluck

Join the Office of Sustainability for our end-of-term holiday potluck to celebrate your successful completion of the program!

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