Get Involved  

The challenges facing our societies and our planet can be daunting, but your actions can truly make a difference. Whether you have a project in mind, or just a lot of questions, there are many ways for you to get involved with sustainability at McGill. Check out the opportunities below, stay up to date on sustainability happenings at McGill via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and don't forget to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

McGill Offsetting Program

Learn more about the McGill Offsetting Program here.

GHG Emissions Reporting

Read the 2019 GHG Emissions Report at the link below, or check out the 2018 report here

Workshops and Trainings

A team meets in a study room at McGill's library

Deepen your sustainability knowledge and learn how to get involved through workshops and trainings offered by the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability Projects Fund

Sustainability Projects fund banner on lower campus, facing arts building

Have an exciting idea for a sustainability-related project at McGill?

Sustainable Event Certification

Students line up outdoors to serve sustainable meal

Lean how to plan events at McGill that are good for people, the planet, and your pocketbook.

Sustainable Workplace Certification

Make your workplace certifiably sustainable.

Sustainability Groups

3 students holding pumpkins on McGill lower campus

Discover an extensive network of student and community groups working on all aspects of sustainability.

Applied Student Research

Use the University as a Living Lab and explore sustainability challenges, all while getting academic credit.

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