Campus Dining – More Universities are Serving Healthier Cuisine to Students


Published: 14May2013

Published in the May 2013 Issue (Vol.15 No.5 p.18) of Today's Dietitian
Written by McKenzie Hall, RD

"College foodservice has stepped up its game in recent years by hiring dietitians to develop healthful eating initiatives and listening to students' increased demands for more allergen-free foods on campus. So at many institutions, gone are the days when getting a four-year college education means students must say good-bye to high-quality, nutritious meals. Furthermore, colleges are taking the environment and social responsibility into account as part of the dining experience. Today's Dietitian profiles some of these institutions in the United States and Canada known for their exceptional foodservice programs that are focused on providing students with healthier options."

Funded, in part, by the Office of Sustainability's Sustainability Project Fund, more information can be found on the Meatless Moday (SP0006) here.

"McGill University in Montreal, Canada, began its Meatless Monday program about one year ago to meet the needs of its large vegetarian and vegan student population, and the effort has proven successful. "We have seen our tofu purchases double in the past two years," says Amelia Brinkerhoff, student sustainability coordinator for McGill's food and dining services. "In particular, our vegan and vegetarian students are really happy with our offerings. They often come to college fearing that their eating lifestyles will be challenged in dining hall atmospheres, but they've given us a lot of positive feedback regarding the variety of options available." These options include vegetable stir-fries, pizzas, tofu and veggie brochettes on the grill, gourmet paninis, curries, Asian-inspired dishes, and vegetarian lasagnas."

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