sustainability projects fund

SP0280: MSEG Renewal 2021

Status: Approved July 2021 -     Infrastructure changes and salary support to adapt to challenging circumstances.

SP0279: Macdonald Campus Pollinator Meadow

Status: Approved June 2021 -   Creation, implementation, and broadcasting of a system to convert lawn areas into Pollination meadow in the Montreal Area.  

How the SPF Stole My Heart… Again

29 Jan 2021

As I was searching for a book to bring on my vacation in Colombia this past July, I discovered Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, by Alan Weisman. Gaviotas is the name of a distant village...

LEEDing Operations & Maintenance

29 Jan 2021

A brightly-lit screen announcing water and energy consumption greets you as you stroll into a building on campus. While you’re waiting for the elevator, you scroll through your personalized...


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