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UN report: ocean acidity increasing rapidly due to CO2

Radio Canada International | Oct. 9, 2014

By: Marc Montgomery

A new report from the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meeting in South Korea says that ocean acidification has risen alarmingly from absorption of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Further news on this topic:

    Radio Canada | UN report: ocean acidity increasing rapidly due to CO2

    Published: 30Sep2014

    Sustainability Declarations at McGill

    McGill’s commitment to sustainability reaches back several decades and spans scales from local to global. The sustainability declarations that we have signed affirm our role in helping to shape a future where people and the planet can flourish.  

    Talloires Declaration (1990)

    Sustainability Policies at McGill

    Since the creation of Sustainability Policy, we have seen a marked increase in conscientiousness in our community regarding campus sustainability.

    McGill has long demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through its forward-looking policies: the Environmental Policy (2001), Paper Use Policy (2005) and Sustainability Policy (2010), all of which have helped change the way we work.

    Campus Dining – More Universities are Serving Healthier Cuisine to Students

    Published in the May 2013 Issue (Vol.15 No.5 p.18) of Today's Dietitian
    Written by McKenzie Hall, RD

    Published: 14May2013