Building your Application

Step 1: Come up with your idea!

Think of a way in which you would like to increase sustainability on campus. Sustainability in this sense can have many meanings, such as environmental, institutional, or economic sustainability. Once you have an idea, check out the SPF’s project criteria and see if it matches up! Also check out the Office's definition of sustainability!

Step 2: Research your idea

Figure out if there is anything like your project already existing on campus - information on all current SPF-funded projects can be found here. Also make sure you speak to any potential stakeholders in the project and get approval for the project before you apply. While doing your research, make sure you can answer each of these questions. Remember, the SPF funds projects, not ideas.

Step 3: Attend an SPF application workshop and meet with the SPF team

The SPF team holds biweekly workshops at various locations for you to ask questions about your project or idea. At the workshop you will receive feedback and guidance concerning their projects. This process is intended to speed up the application process by helping you write a better application that will receive funding sooner. There are currently no workshops scheduled for the summer. If you would like to meet the SPF team and get the process started, please e-mail lilith.wyatt [at] (Lilith Wyatt) or finance.sustainability [at] (the Sustainability Finance intern).

Step 4: Write your application

Fill out the attached SPF Application Form, making sure that each section is addressed. Also be sure to check out our tips for applying. When you have finished, go back and verify that you have fully answered these questions.

Step 5: Apply!

Send your application through this webform!