Catalyst 2019 Nomination

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: January 3, 2019 

The Catalyst Awards for Sustainability are held each spring to recognize students, staff, and faculty who have made meaningful and enduring contributions to the sustainability movement at McGill University. 

There are 3 awards given to group efforts that are aligned with the five categories of sustainability outlined in McGill’s Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy: Research & Education, Connectivity, Governance & Administration, and Operations.

The 3 individual awards include the Student "Emerald Key" Award, the Faculty & Staff Award, and the Distinguished Contribution Award. See below for more details. 

General Guidelines

  • Nominations are accepted for activities undertaken when nominee(s) were active at McGill as a student, staff or faculty member.
  • Nominations must focus on activities undertaken since February 2018.
  • A project can only win an award in a single category.
  • Nominations are accepted from all members of the community 
  • Self-nominations are accepted for all awards. 

Only information included in the nomination form below will be used by the Catalyst Awards Review Committee to select recipients for the 2019 Catalyst Awards. Please ensure that the information you provide is complete and tailored to an audience that is unfamiliar with the initiative. Submissions will be accepted in both English and French.

The Emerald Key Award for student contribution to sustainability

This award will go to a student who has made significant and lasting contributions in creating a culture of sustainability at McGill. 

Distinguished Contribution Award

This award recognizes a McGill employee (administrative, support and/or academic) who has made a profound, sustained, and cumulative contribution to advancing sustainability in the McGill community. The award can be given to current or retired employees, or it can be awarded posthumously. The individual must also have contributed to the University for a minimum of 10 years.

Faculty & Staff Awards

McGill faculty and staff members may also win Catalyst Awards for their contributions to the university. The individual should be someone who has inspired real change on McGill's campuses, thus increasing the sustainability of the University.

Vision 2020 Category Awards

There are three Category Awards given to outstanding groups or projects: 

The Connectivity, Governance & Administration Award recognizes projects that:

  1. Emphasize the need for strong connections, both within McGill and with the local and global communities of which we are a part, and/or;
  2. Address how the University is managed in terms of people, funding and finance, decision-making, and process implementation.

The Operations Award recognizes projects that encompass the physical activities that support the ongoing functioning of the University.

The Research & Education Award recognizes projects that:

  1. Encompass original research from the McGill community conducted on campus or elsewhere; and/or
  2. Focus on student, staff, faculty, and institutional learning.

Fill out nomination form

Download the appropriate nomination form (Word document) and complete the fields as instructed. Once complete, please email your nomination form to sustainability [at] by January 3, 2019. 

IMPORTANT: By default, Word will open downloaded files in 'read-only' view and the document may appear to be locked. This is NOT the case: in order to complete the forms in the fields provided, simply press the 'Esc' key to return to your regular view ('Print layout') and edit as appropriate.

Please ensure that you save the document in Word format and name it using the format: AWARD_NomineeName.docx