11th Annual Catalyst Awards

The Office of Sustainability is proud to recognize the diverse efforts that take place at McGill to grow and enhance sustainability efforts across our campuses. The Catalyst Awards for Sustainability, held each spring, recognize students, staff, and faculty who have made meaningful and enduring contributions to the sustainability movement at McGill University.

Learn more about the 2021 Catalyst Award for Sustainability recipients by watching a live discussion, moderated by the Office of Sustainability.

About the Recipients

A young woman smiles on the steps of the Redpath Museum holding a trophy. Chloë Ryan, Emerald Key Award

Chloë Ryan is a third-year undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering. Throughout her time at McGill, Chloë has put efforts towards turning her ideas into reality, empowering fellow students to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

In her second year, Chloë, as VP Internal of Sustainability in Engineering at McGill (SEAM), founded a cross-faculty consulting team. Under her leadership, the consulting team worked with their faculty student society to identify problem areas and implement sustainable practices. Chloë was also one of the co-founders of the BRIDGE Sustainability Case Competition, an interdisciplinary case competition that aims to break down the boundaries between the fields of engineering and business to tackle complex, multi-faceted sustainability challenges. Through her work, Chloë has placed an emphasis on including diverse perspectives to ensure that social sustainability remains a key part of the conversation.

The Emerald Key is given out to a student who has made an outstanding and enduring contribution to the sustainability movement at McGill University.

A man smile on the steps of the Redpath Museum holding a trophyNate Quitoriano, Faculty & Staff Award

Prof. Nate Quitoriano, Ph.D., P.Eng, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, Director of the Materials Engineering Co-op Program, and Founding Director of goLEAD, an initiative that empowers students to set and achieve their goals to better the world.

Prompted first in October 2016, Quitoriano was motivated to kickstart the goLEAD program after identifying a missing niche for engineering students: applied leadership skill development. Through goLEAD, Nate has brought together students, faculty, staff and alumni towards his vision of hands-on leadership to address various challenges outlined by UN Sustainable Development Goals. Quitoriano highlights the importance of the three pillars of sustainability during activity-based workshops and through regular feedback, which facilitates hands-on experience on how to apply sustainability concepts to a variety of projects.

The Faculty & Staff award recognizes staff members who have inspired real change on McGill's campuses, increasing the sustainability of the University.

Three young women stand on the steps of the Redpath Museum, the redhead in the middle holds a glass trophy.Green Labs Initiative at The Neuro, Group Initiative Award

The Green Labs Initiative at The Neuro began as a group of students who were deeply concerned about the significant environmental costs of scientific research. After receiving a McGill Sustainability Projects Fund grant in 2018, the team initiated infrastructural and cultural changes at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) to tackle research-related waste. In the years since, their project has now inspired labs across McGill and beyond to adopt green lab practices.

Beyond reducing lab material waste through recycling programs, this originally student-led initiative has built a community of environmentally-conscious scientists across McGill, now including lab managers, faculty and other key stakeholders. Through outreach events and awareness campaigns, the Green Labs Initiative at the Neuro team first recruited 20 Green Lab Ambassadors from over 12 labs and has since inspired at least 8 other departments to kick-start their own initiatives.

The current Green Labs Initiative at the Neuro team includes Kuhlmann, Jana Schüttpelz, Theresa Degenhard, Nina Caporicci-Dinucci, Pascale Patenaude, Claire Honda, Alexandra Chapleau, Maleeha Khan, and Ghislaine Deyab.

The Group Initiative award recognizes projects that collaborative foster social and environmental sustainability at McGill, thus embodying the University’s definition of sustainability.


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