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Reports on university funding | McGill's financial information
Global reflections on higher ed | Join the discussion on McGill's Red Blog

Reports on university funding

Quebec universities are seriously underfunded, and we're not the only ones saying so:

McGill's financial information

McGill University is a transparent institution and accountable to all Quebecers, and we're proud to make our finances publicly available for all to see:

General information


Global Reflections on Higher Ed

Even when they find themselves the subject of debate, universities must remain a forum where it is possible to take a step back, reflect and discuss all points of view with openness and respect. On this page, we publish a weekly selection of articles from various sources, as well as opinion pieces by guest contributors. 

Join the discussion on McGill's Red Blog: 

McGill's Red Blog is a meeting place for students, staff, faculty and senior administrators. It's a discussion spot for a wide variety of subjects, including:

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