About the Summit


In the fall of 2012, following the election of a new Quebec government, the new Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology called for a February Summit on Higher Education, which will bring together student groups, universities, government and civil society to build a common vision for Quebec's post-secondary institutions.

Goals of the Summit:

From the Quebec government's Summit website (translated from the original French):

"The Summit and the participatory events leading up to it will help us forge a shared vision of higher education with our partners in the university sector as we seek promising solutions for our institutions and for Quebec society as a whole.

"The Summit is also intended to bring together players in the university sector, young people and the general public via an open, unifying process. This will be the starting point for making Quebec a society that is truly knowledge-based. We will then be able to arrive at a consensus on decisions and concrete measures, as well as issues and questions to be further explored, for example by working groups that would later be set up."

Topics to be discussed:

Four main themes will be discussed:

  • the quality of higher education;
  • the accessibility of and participation in higher education;
  • the governance and financing of universities; and
  • the impact of higher education institutions and of research on Quebec's development as a whole.

For more information:

Visit the Government of Quebec's Summit website (French only).

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