Quebec Inter-University Students

Registering for McGill Summer Studies

We look forward to welcoming you on McGill's green campus this summer. This is an excellent opportunity to experience Montreal during the best time of year, while taking courses from Canada's top medical-doctoral university (ranking: Maclean's magazine).


Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT students)

If you are registered at another Quebec university and want to transfer course credits granted by McGill Summer Studies, you can apply through the Inter-University Transfer Agreement by following these steps:

  1. Credit transfer application: Students must complete the Bureau de Cooperation Interuniversitaire Inter-University Transfer (IUT) form available online. For course approval requests for Summer 2022, use this interface where you log in with your university credentials. For more information on IUT applications, click here. (Note: If you are an IUT student, you should follow this process even if you do not plan on transferring the course credits.)
  2. Register for courses: Once the online Inter-University Transfer form is approved by both the home and host universities, the student can register for the approved course(s) on the McGill online student interface, Minerva. The online IUT form is only an approval process, therefore it does not register the student in the course.
  • Need help with course registration on Minerva? Visit Using Minerva to Register. To ensure that you are properly registered, view your class schedule.
  • For information regarding the status of your IUT application, please check that your home institution has approved the request first. You may then contact McGill Enrolment Services: 514-398-7878 or submit an online query.

Dropping courses:
Students can formally drop courses online using Minerva before the deadline. It is not sufficient to notify the instructor or cease to attend lectures (see the section on Course Drop & Withdrawal for more information).

  • The last day to drop a course in the summer (with refund) is the 4th scheduled class.
  • The last day to withdraw from a course (with no refund) is the 9th scheduled class.

*Please note that these deadlines might differ for intensive courses; please consult the course description for details.

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