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Helpful Tips

Review these brief guidelines and tips to increase your self-awareness and reduce potential harm.

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Everything you think about addiction is wrong

Writer and Journalist Johann Hari challenges many of the misconceptions about addiction and substance abuse.

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Your Unique Profile

Do you want to briefly assess your current relationship to substances? Take a quick self-assessment and receive an immediate estimate of your current level of risk with regard to a variety substances.

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Know the Numbers

Discover statistics on substance use across Canada and here at McGill.

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Find Useful Tools

Interested in accessing a wealth of resources designed to help you better understand and/or manage your substance use? From apps, to podcasts, to videos, these tools are aimed to help you along your journey.

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Be Informed

Knowledge about susbtances, how they work, and how they are used is essential to making informed, safe, and confident decisions.

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Welcome to the Substance Misuse Program!


The Substance Misuse Program (SMP) provides an integrative, inclusive, personalized, and collaborative approach to talking about and addressing substance use and other related issues. Over the following pages, you will be able to more about this program, its underlying philosophy, information on drugs and alcohol, and the various resources and services available to serve the McGill community.