Practical Instruction (MUIN courses)

Practical Subjects in the Schulich School of Music

Students in the Schulich School of Music may receive practical instruction in the principal instrument or voice in their major studies, as part of a music performance minor or as elective lessons in a second instrument, subject to approval of the Department of Performance. Practical Instruction is also known as private lessons, and is designated by MUIN subject codes which has additional music fees tied to the regular tuition. Students are entitled to a maximum number of terms of lessons, which varies by program. See Tuition Fees, Practical Instruction Fees and Lesson Quota for more information.

(1) Practical Instruction in Major Studies

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) and Licentiate in Music (L.Mus.) program need to complete the required practical instruction in their program.

(2) Practical Instruction in Music Minor

B.Mus. students enrolled in a jazz performance minor or early music performance minor can register for practical instruction in the minor in addition to the required practical instruction in their major program.

(3) Practical Instruction in a Second Instrument

B.Mus. and L.Mus. students may apply for practical instruction on an instrument other than their major studies, subject to the approval of the Department of Performance. Practical instruction in a second instrument is also known as elective lessons. Students are permitted to take up to a maximum of four terms of elective lessons during their program. The first two terms of elective lessons (MUIN 110, MUIN 111) are billed in a similar fashion as the required practical instruction, while a Supplemental Music Private Lesson Fee for second instrument will be levied on the third (MUIN 210) and fourth (MUIN 211) term of elective lessons.

Application details for practical instruction in a second instrument is found on the Elective website.

Students are not permitted to only register for practical instruction in any given semester. Students are expected to register for other required academic course(s) for the program in the same semester for which they are taking practical instruction.

All new and returning students must submit a Practical Instruction Request Form by the assigned deadline if they wish to register for practical instruction and/or voice coaching lessons in the following academic year. Students cannot add MUIN courses on Minerva. The faculty will add the MUIN practical instruction registration to the student records once the practical instruction request has been approved. Students must register for at least one course in the academic year before the faculty can add MUIN course(s) to their records.

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