Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for a B.Ed., the B.A.(Education), or the B.Sc.(Kinesiology) degree, students must fulfil all Faculty and program requirements. This includes completing the minimum credit requirements for the degree as stipulated in the letter of acceptance; obtaining a grade of C or better in all required and complementary courses; and achieving a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00. Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 60 credits at McGill University toward the fulfilment of the degree requirements. In addition, students must complete specific components of their program at McGill.

Students enrolled in Kinesiology and Physical Education programs are required, before the end of their final year of study, to show proof of certification in Standard Level Safety Oriented First Aid, and Level C in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or equivalencies.

Students must complete their degree requirements within five (5) years after their initial registration for the B.Ed. degree and within four (4) years after their initial registration for the B.A.(Education) and B.Sc.(Kinesiology) degree. Students who enter into a Freshman/Foundation Year become subject to these regulations one year after their initial registration. Students in the part-time B.Ed. for Certified Teachers program are allowed a maximum of 12 years to complete the requirements for the degree.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all Faculty requirements are met before graduation.

Early in their graduating year, all students should check with their advisor to make sure that they will meet all program requirements in time for graduation. It is essential that students in their final year indicate the expected date of graduation by applying for graduation on Minerva; see University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Graduation for more information. During the graduation approval process, students can query their graduation record on Minerva to verify that the Faculty has approved their graduation. When a final-year student changes the expected date of graduation, the student must notify the Internships and Student Affairs Office immediately. It is also the student's responsibility to complete the required forms for teacher certification, and to check that their graduation has been approved. Further information is available on the Internships and Student Affairs Office website:

Students are not permitted to take courses outside McGill University during the last term prior to graduation. Students who fail to graduate as expected and who do not re-register must apply to the Director of Internships and Student Affairs to graduate. Application to graduate must be made sufficiently in advance of the expected graduation date to allow the Faculty to verify the student's record.

Information pertaining to the convocation ceremonies can be obtained on the McGill website:

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