English Language Requirement

The Quebec Ministry of Education requires that all students in teacher education programs demonstrate their proficiency in the language of instruction. To fulfil this obligation, B.Ed. students are expected to write the English Examination for Teacher Certification (EETC) before the end of their first semester in the program, except for Year 0 (Freshman/Foundation Year) students who are required to write the examination in their second year (Year 1). Students must pass the examination prior to their Third Field Experience.

The examination is coordinated by an independent body, the (Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification (CEETC)). McGill assists with the administration and scheduling of the examination.

To write this examination, students must:

  1. register on Minerva for a section of EDEC 215;
  2. register for a specific session date and time with the CEETC (www.ceetc.ca);
  3. pay a fee to the CEETC prior to writing the test.

Students who do not pass the examination the first time are expected to avail themselves of support offered via workshops and/or recommended courses and are required to take the EETC again. A fee is charged each time the examination is written. Students who do not pass the examination on their fourth attempt must request permission from the Director of Internships and Student Affairs to write the examination again. If a student does not pass the EETC on the fifth and final attempt, they will be withdrawn from the program. Any subsequent readmission will be conditional on first passing the EETC.

More information about the EETC is available on the ISA website (mcgill.ca/isa/student/current/eetc).

Note: This requirement does not apply to students in Certificate in Education for First Nations and Inuit programs.
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