Course Overlap

Course Overlap for Management Students

You will not receive credit toward your degree for any course that overlaps in content with a course taken for credit at McGill, CEGEP, or another university; advanced placement exams; Advanced Level results; International Baccalaureate Diploma; or French Baccalaureate Diploma.

It is your responsibility to consult with the BCom Student Affairs Office as to whether or not credit can be obtained and to be aware of exclusion clauses specified in the course descriptions in this publication. Please refer to for specific information about Advanced Standing credits and McGill course exemptions.

Credit for Statistics courses will be subject to the following restrictions:

BCom students must take the statistics courses that are part of the B.Com. degree, as specified in Core and the various programs. There are many statistics courses at McGill that overlap with the statistics in our B.Com. degree. If students wish to receive credit from other statistics courses at McGill, they must be assessed by the BCom Office on a case-by-case basis.

  • Statistics courses must be taken in the correct sequence in order to receive credits for all.
  • MGCR 271 and MGSC 372 must be taken before MATH 324. If MATH 324 is completed first, you cannot complete MGCR 271 nor MGSC 372 and receive credits.
  • MATH 203 and MATH 204 are not open to BCom students.
  • Interfaculty Transfer students: if you have completed MATH 203 at McGill and are transferring to the Bachelor of Commerce, if admitted we will grant an exemption for MGCR 271. If MATH 203 was completed prior to McGill (i.e. in CEGEP), you will not receive an exemption for MGCR 271; you must complete MGCR 271.

Credit for Economics courses will be subject to the following restrictions:

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