NEUR 605 Neuroscience Seminar 4 (3 credits)

Offered by: Neurology and Neurosurgery (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Neurology and Neurosurgery : This course focuses on neuronal development and maturation from a molecular aspect. We introduce various model organisms and systems that are used to study molecular aspects of development, explore their particular advantages and explore the cellular and molecular events that contribute to the development of the nervous system.

Terms: Winter 2025

Instructors: Cloutier, Jean-Francois; Kania, Artur; Stifani, Stefano; Poulin, Jean-Francois; Kennedy, Timothy; Ruthazer, Edward; Cayouette, Michel; Zhou, Yang (Winter)

  • Winter

  • Offered alternate years - odd numbered years

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