FMT4 025 Enterprise Management 3 (152-VTB-MC) (2.33 credits)

Offered by: Farm Mgmt & Technology Program (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


FMT4 : The capstone course for FMT students is the Farm Project. A comprehensive 5 year business plan for either their home farms or for a startup operation will be produced by students. They do a detailed technical and financial analysis of their current situation; develop managerial and capital projects to improve the operation, and describe the financial impacts that their plans will have on the farm for the coming five years. The projects will then be defended in front of a marking committee composed of FMT staff. This course includes the final requirement of the collegial comprehensive assessment.

Terms: Winter 2025

Instructors: Brault, Simon; Leduc, Mathieu; Enright, Peter; Wees, David; Begg, Caroline B; Theriault, Pascal; La Salle, Andréanne (Winter)

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