PLNT 358 Flowering Plant Diversity (3 unités)

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Offered by: Phytotechnie (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

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Phytotechnie : Principles of classification and identification of flowering plants and ferns, with emphasis on 35 major families of flowering plants and the habitats in which they grow.

Terms: Automne 2023

Instructors: Beauregard, Frieda (Fall)

  • A 4-day field week is held the week preceding the start of classes

  • Prerequisite: AEBI 210 or ENVR 202 or permission of instructor

  • A $92.68 fee is charged to all students registered in this course, which has a fieldwork component prior to the beginning of classes in August. This fee is used to support the cost of excursions, a hand lens, instructional handouts and identification aids. Students who have already received a hand lens may request a reimbursement of a portion of this charge through their department.

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