MUEN 565 String Quartet Seminar (2 unités)

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Offered by: Performance (Musique)

Vue d'ensemble

Ensemble : An overview of the history of the string quartet genre and literature for this formation. Basic principles of string ensemble playing, intonation, matching sound production, cueing, etc., will be addressed. Regular performances in a masterclass setting. Participation in an orchestra program as assigned when warranted by ensemble needs.

Terms: Automne 2023, Hiver 2024

Instructors: Roy, Andre J (Fall) Roy, Andre J (Winter)

  • Prerequisite: Audition

  • Restrictions: Open to violin, viola and cello students in the BMus. / LMus. Performance program, and others by permission of the instructor.

  • 1. Can be repeated once

  • 2. Students majoring in violin, viola and cello must commence their assigned ensembles with two terms of MUEN 565 and two terms of MUEN 560 as assigned string quartets.

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