MATH 324 Statistics (3 unités)

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Offered by: Math. et statistique (Sciences)

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Mathématiques et Statistiques (Sci) : Sampling distributions, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, contingency tables, nonparametric inference, regression, Bayesian inference.

Terms: Automne 2023, Hiver 2024

Instructors: Nadarajah, Tharshanna (Fall) Russell, Oliver (Winter)

  • Fall and Winter

  • Prerequisite: MATH 323 or equivalent

  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken or are taking MATH 357

  • You may not be able to receive credit for this course and other statistic courses. Be sure to check the Course Overlap section under Faculty Degree Requirements in the Arts or Science section of the Calendar.

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