Master of Science (M.Sc.) Rehabilitation Science (Thesis) (45 credits)

Offered by: Phys and Occ Therapy     Degree: Master of Science

Program Requirements

The M.Sc. in Rehabilitation Science; Thesis program focuses on interdisciplinary research related to health and rehabilitation. The program provides training in the use of methodologies for knowledge synthesis and for designing and conducting research studies in rehabilitation. A major component of the program is the development and implementation of an individualized thesis project in a specialized area of interest in health and rehabilitation (e.g., brain, education, global health, musculoskeletal, hearth and lung, mental health and pain).

Thesis Courses (29 credits)

Required Courses (10 credits)

Complementary Courses (3 credits)

3 credits of the following:

  • POTH 628 Introduction to Regression Analysis (3 credits)

    Offered by: Phys and Occ Therapy (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

    Administered by: Graduate Studies


    Phys & Occ Therapy : Commonly used regression modelling approaches in the health sciences, linear and logistic regression models. Topics include: general concepts behind statistical model building, selection of appropriate model, preparatory descriptive analyses prior to regression modelling, fitting, interpreting and evaluating some linear and logistic regression models.

    Terms: Winter 2024

    Instructors: Bliu, Alex (Winter)

Or 3 credits of advanced qualitative methodology chosen from courses offered by the School at the 500, 600, or 700 level in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.

Elective Course (3 credits)

3 credits that pertain to the student's area of specialization: to be chosen from the School course offerings or other courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level with permission from the Graduate Program Director.

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