Postdoctoral Research Trainees

Postdoctoral Research Trainees


If your situation does not conform to the Government of Quebec's definition of a Postdoctoral Fellow, you may be eligible to attend McGill as a Postdoctoral Research Trainee. While at McGill, you can perform research only (you may not register for courses or engage in clinical practice). Medical specialists who will have clinical exposure and require a training card must register through Postgraduate Medical Education of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences—not Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The category of Postdoctoral Research Trainee is for:

Category 1: An individual who has completed requirements for the Doctoral degree or medical specialty, but whose degree/certification has not yet been awarded. An individual in this category will subsequently be eligible for registration as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Category 2: An individual who is not eligible for Postdoctoral Registration according to the Government of Quebec's definition, but is a recipient of an external postdoctoral award from a recognized Canadian funding agency.

Category 3: An individual who holds a professional degree (or equivalent) in a regulated health profession (as defined under CIHR-eligible health profession) and is enrolled in a program of postgraduate medical education at another institution. This individual wishes to conduct the research stage or elective component of their program of study at McGill University under the supervision of a McGill professor. This individual will be engaged in full-time research with well-defined objectives, responsibilities, and methods of reporting. Applications must be accompanied by a letter of permission from the applicant's home institution (signed by the Department Chair, Dean, or equivalent) confirming registration in their program and stating the expected duration of the research stage. Individuals who are expecting to spend more than one year are encouraged to obtain formal training (Master’s or Ph.D.) through application to a relevant graduate program.

Category 4: An individual with a regulated health professional degree (as defined under CIHR-eligible health profession), but not a Ph.D. or equivalent or medical specialty training, but who fulfils criteria for funding on a tri-council operating grant or by a CIHR fellowship (up to maximum of five years post-degree).

Note: Individuals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must inquire about eligibility for a work permit.

General Conditions

  • The maximum duration is three years.
  • The individual must be engaged in full-time research.
  • The individual must provide copies of official transcripts/diplomas.
  • The individual must have the approval of a McGill professor to supervise the research and of the Unit.
  • The individual must have adequate proficiency in English, but is not required to provide official proof of English competency to Enrolment Services.
  • The individual must comply with regulations and procedures governing research ethics and safety and obtain the necessary training.
  • The individual will be provided access to McGill libraries, email, and required training in research ethics and safety. Any other University services must be purchased (e.g., access to athletic facilities).
  • The individual must arrange for basic health insurance coverage prior to arrival at McGill and may be required to provide proof of coverage.
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