History of the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education traces its beginnings back to 1857, when the McGill Normal School was established at McGill by agreement between the University and the Government of Quebec. In 1907, it was renamed the School for Teachers and was moved to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, where it became part of Macdonald College. At this time also, the Macdonald Chair of Education was endowed at McGill University and a Department of Education was created in the Faculty of Arts and Science for the purpose of preparing candidates for the High School Diploma. The first graduate program was inaugurated in 1930, and in 1953, the University established the B.Ed. degree.

In 1955, the School for Teachers and the Department of Education were combined to become the Institute of Education within the Faculty of Arts and Science. To these was joined, in 1957, the McGill School of Physical Education (founded in 1912).

The Institute was reconstituted as the Faculty of Education in 1965 and the work continued on both the McGill and Macdonald campuses. The St. Joseph Teachers College and the Faculty of Education were amalgamated in 1970 and relocated in a new building on the Downtown Campus. In 1996, the School of Information Studies became affiliated with the Faculty, until it moved to the Faculty of Arts in 2014.

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