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GEOG 498 Humans in Tropical Environments (3 unités)

Offered by: Géographie (Sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Géographie : Focus on understanding of inter-relations between humans and neotropical environments represented in Panama. Study of contemporary rural landscapes, their origins, development and change. Impacts of economic growth and inequality, social organization, and politics on natural resource use and environmental degradation. Site visits and field exercises in peasant/colonist, Amerindian, and plantation communities.

Terms: Été 2023

Instructors: le Polain de Waroux, Yann (Summer)

  • Winter

  • 6 hours lecture for 4 weeks, 3 hours seminar, 2 hours laboratory, 8 hours conference

  • Restriction: Location in Panama. Student must register for a full semester of studies in Panama

  • Prerequisites: HISP 218, MATH 203 or equivalents

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