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EPIB 671 Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (3 unités)

Offered by: Épidémiologie et biostat. (Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé)

Administered by: Études supérieures et recherch

Vue d'ensemble

Épidémiologie et biostatistiques : This course will explore the common epidemiologic approaches to studying etiologic relations in carcinogenesis and for assessing the efficacy of cancer prevention interventions. Emphasis will be given on both molecular and social epidemiology domains with examples of different study designs and data analysis methods and of the impact of measurement error and other biases.

Terms: Automne 2022

Instructors: Franco, Eduardo (Fall)

  • Prerequisite(s): EPIB 601 and EPIB 621, or equivalent, or permission of instructor.

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