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EDSL 370 Issues and Practices in Teaching Indigenous Languages (3 unités)

Offered by: Études intégrées en éducation (Sciences de l'éducation)

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Éducation en languages étrangères : Social, linguistic, and epistemological issues in Indigenous language teaching and learning, drawing on academic and community knowledge bases. Analyzes approaches to the development of Indigenous language proficiency through an examination of specific Indigenous language teaching methods for first language and additional language learners. Emphasis on the relation between instruction and language policy and planning as well as instruction and students own language learning and maintenance. Focuses on how to develop teaching practices and how to evaluate language learning.

Terms: Hiver 2023

Instructors: Shem, Lucy (Winter)

  • Restriction: Open only to students enrolled in First Nations and Inuit programs offered by the Faculty of Education.

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