Administrative Officers and Staff

Law Faculty Administrative Officers and Staff

Faculty Administrative Officers
Robert Leckey Dean
Rosalie Jukier Associate Dean (Academic)
Andrea Bjorklund Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Daniel Weinstock Associate Dean (Research)
Kimberly Lee-Louis Assistant Dean (Inclusion - Black and Indigenous Flourishing)
Andra Syvänen Assistant Dean (Admissions and Recruitment)
Brittany Williams Manager (Student Affairs)
Brian Peebles Assistant Dean (Strategic Planning)
Debbie Carlone Manager, Faculty Administrator and Human Resources Advisor
Daniel Boyer Head Librarian
Faculty Administrative Staff
Margaret Baratta Administrative Assistant & Building Director
Lindsay Wills Admissions Officer
Sophie Roy-Lafleur Career Development Office, Director
Karell Michaud (On leave) Communications Officer
Claire Loewen Interim Communications Officer
Heather Powers Development, Director
Pina Ricco Academic Affairs Administrator
Gabriel Sales Research Administrator
Maria Marcheschi Special Events and Alumni Relations Administrator
Giosina Rota Student Affairs Consultant
Sarah Despres-Kaba Advancement Officer
Victoria Allin Student Affairs Office
Lysanne Larose Web Communications Editor
Kelly Hanley Senior Admissions Coordinator
Ennea Currie Admissions Coordinator
Bianca Bourgeois Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Studies)
Pasqualina Chiarelli Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Studies)
Claudine Bordenave Career Development Office, Associate
Laura Blazs FST Manager
Sabrina Falco Accounts Administrator
Katarina Daniels Liaison Librarian
Manon Berthiaume Senior Administrative Coordinator (Crépeau Centre)
Maria D'Amico Senior Administrative Coordinator (IASL)
Tena Groot Human Resources Coordinator
Libby Parker Administrative Coordinator
Jane Yee Workday Local Time Keeper
Lianne Barski Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator
Nabil Saliba Student Affairs Coordinator
Astrid Tchakmaktchian Student Affairs Consultant
Ariel Swan Development Officer
Julie Timmins Advancement Officer
Melissa Caruana Coordinator, Career Development Office
Eric Greenberg Advancement Officer
Staci Angelis Advisor, Career Development Office
Jennifer Scissons Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Dean
Shrabani Debroy Wellness Advisor
Heleen Loohuis Wellness Advisor
Silvana Solitiero Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Studies)
Sharon Webb Administrative Coordinator (CHLRP/CIPP)
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