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NEUR 503 Computational Neuroscience (3 unités)

Offered by: Neurologie et neurochirurgie (Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé)

Vue d'ensemble

Neurologie et neurochirurgie : A survey of computational methods commonly used to model brain function, including mathematical modeling to describe the relationship between neuronal activity and perception, action, and cognition. Mathematical basis for vision, motor control and attention. Data relevant to brain processes and models explaining these data, using engineering, statistics and artificial intelligence.

Terms: Hiver 2022

Instructors: Pack, Christopher; Baker, Curtis L; Misic, Bratislav; Cook, Erik; Chacron, Maurice; Peyrache, Adrien (Winter)

  • Winter

  • Basic neuroanatomy/neurophysiology, some mathematics (linear algebra calculus, probability/statistics) or consent of instructor.

  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken NEUR 603.

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