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BTEC 650 Therapeutic Antibody Design (3 unités)

Offered by: Parasitologie (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Administered by: Études supérieures et recherch

Vue d'ensemble

Biotechnologie : Principles and methodologies of structure-based molecular design, optimization, and development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Role in therapy and diagnosis; structural features of various types of antibodies; dissection of antibody-antigen interactions; in silico affinity maturation; manipulation of antigen specificity by point mutagenesis; using antibody Fc domain to modulate pharmacokinetics and effector functions; design of antibody conjugates carrying toxic payloads; engineering T-cells with chimeric antigen receptors; evaluation and improving antibody immunogenicity and aggregation; antibody humanization.

Terms: Automne 2021

Instructors: Salavati, Reza; Sulea, Traian (Fall)

  • Prerequisite: 400-level or higher level course in biochemistry and bioinformatics, or permission of instructor

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