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Research Project Courses

Science Research Project Courses

Departments offer a variety of research-based courses that allow you to perform research under the supervision of a McGill researcher for academic credit. Depending on the unit, courses featuring undergraduate research may bear names such as: majors project, honours project, advanced lab, independent research, technical project, independent study, or research project and seminar. For more information, refer to the research course list at or browse the course listings at Research courses can also help you qualify for the Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List or the B.Sc. Global Designation.

"396" Undergraduate Research Project Courses

"396" Undergraduate Research Project Courses

"396" undergraduate research project courses are offered by all undergraduate science departments and schools—ANAT 396, ATOC 396, BIOC 396, BIOL 396, etc.—plus COGS 396 (Cognitive Science), ENVR 396 (Environment), FSCI 396, FSCI 397, FSCI 398 D1/D2 (Science Teaching and Learning), HGEN 396 (Human Genetics), MDPH 396 (Medical Physics), and NSCI 396 (Neuroscience). There is also a BASC 396 course specifically for B.A. & Sc. students.

They are elective courses, which can be taken outside your own department, and generally can be taken after one term of undergraduate studies.

Please find more information, including the 396 research project approval form, at Registration requires approval from both the supervisor and the relevant department. Information on the FSCI courses can be found here:

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