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Getting involved in research as an undergraduate

Getting involved in research as an undergraduate

Opportunities at McGill

Departments and individual researchers at McGill offer various opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research. These arranagements may be voluntary or remunerated by academic credit or income.

Some are formal programs that you can find more information about elsewhere in the eCalendar:

Others come about through informal discussions between students and professors.

For more information on finding research opportunities at McGill, including tips for contacting researchers, visit

Internships and field studies

Some science internships and field study programs include a research component. Refer to Science Internships and Field Studies for more information.

Beyond McGill

You may also want to look for opportunities funded or offered by external foundations or institutions, research agencies, other academic institutions, or scholarly societies. Examples include: a provincial cancer research society, the science funding agency of another country which you wish to visit or where you hold citizenship, research hospitals or universities in another city, or an international psychological association.

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