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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Music Scholarships and Financial Aid

General information on scholarships, including McGill Entrance Scholarships, and a detailed listing of all awards are available at

The Schulich School of Music offers a range of prestigious scholarships based on academic and performance achievements. In any given year, more than 60 Schulich Scholars hold renewable Schulich Scholarships valued at $6,000 (undergraduate) and $11,000 (graduate). Renewable Lloyd Carr-Harris String Scholarships, valued between $6,000 and $12,000, are awarded to our most promising incoming string students. Additional scholarships and financial aid are available both through the Schulich School of Music and McGill University's Student Aid Office.

While taking into account the stipulations of the individual awards, Schulich School of Music scholarships, awards, and prizes are given on the basis of a student's record for the academic session ending in April and are tenable during the next academic year beginning in September. Students must have successfully completed at least 27 credits (excluding summer courses and courses completed under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option) in the academic year preceding the award and must register for full-time studies during the subsequent year. Students whose records contain outstanding incompletes or deferrals will not be considered. No application is required.

Students enrolled in a B.Mus. or L.Mus. program may be eligible to apply for other types of financial aid to support their learning activities as a music student. Visit the Schulich School of Music website for more information

Note: Update for 2020/21 academic year only: Due to COVID-19 disruptions, and more flexibility granted for students to choose the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option, the eligibility criteria is temporarily amended to require 24 graded credits for the 2020/21 academic session and maintain full-time status in each semester (12 graded credits in Fall and 12 graded credits in Winter).

See Student Aid for detail info about merit-based awards for current undergraduate students.

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