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McGill Conservatory

McGill Conservatory

The McGill Conservatory, Community Program of the Schulich School of Music of McGill University, offers instruction in piano, guitar, most orchestral instruments, and voice, as well as Theory and Ear Training from the elementary level up to and including Collegial levels.

In addition, the McGill Conservatory offers the Little Musicians course—an introduction to music for young children; Suzuki method instrumental instruction; children's and youth choirs; instrumental ensembles; and a variety of jazz courses: improvisation, rhythm, theory, history, and combos.

Instrumental examinations up to the Collegial II level and Theory and Ear Training examinations from the Secondary III to Secondary V levels are available to both internal and external students. Theory and Ear Training examinations at the Elementary and Collegial I and II levels are open to internal students only.

The McGill Conservatory also welcomes adult students (at any level) and encourages their participation in instrumental instruction, instrumental ensembles, and Theory and Ear Training courses.

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