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Doctor of Medicine & Master of Surgery with Master of Business Administration (Joint M.D.,C.M. & M.B.A.) Medicine & Management

Offered by: Medicine and Health Sciences     Degree: MDCM

Program Requirements

** This program is currently closed for admissions. **

The M.D.,C.M. & M.B.A. program recognizes there is an increasing demand in the health care sector for physicians with management skills and expertise. This is a five-year program in which the first year is spent in the Desautels Faculty of Management completing the M.B.A. core as well as building a solid background in health care management. Then, students will begin their medical studies, which will be integrated with additional elective courses in management. This will provide the opportunity to train well-rounded physician-managers who can eventually pursue careers in a wide range of health care areas, from the smallest clinic to the largest tertiary health care facility; from research laboratory to university or hospital medical departments, as well as the private sector within pharma/biotechnology firms and the health insurance sector, among others.

Balancing quantitative and qualitative studies, students also develop the intangible business skills required in today's dynamic workplace - the abilities to apply knowledge to the greatest benefit of the organization, to make effective decisions, to both work in teams and lead others, and to adapt to non-structured situations. The M.B.A. program employs a unique curriculum, including a blend of case studies, exercises, discussions, group work, and lectures, as well as an international study trip.

Students join the regular Medicine class in their second year at McGill, beginning a four-year program in medical studies. Advanced Management courses focusing on health care issues are integrated into the electives schedule of the medical curriculum, rounding out the Management portion of the program.

The language of instruction is English. The student is expected to have a working knowledge of the English language (comprehension, spoken, and written) from the outset of the M.D.,C.M. program. Due to early clinical exposure in bilingual settings, the student is also expected to have a working knowledge of the French language (comprehension, spoken, and written) from the outset of the M.D.,C.M. program.

Upon graduation, students receive an M.B.A. degree from the Desautels Faculty of Management and an M.D.,C.M. degree from the Faculty of Medicine.

For full M.B.A. and M.D.,C.M. curricula, please see the graduate Management section at and the Medicine section at

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