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About the Faculty

About the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education serves approximately 2,500 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs. The Faculty is organized into three departments, and has a number of research and service centres, including several of an interdisciplinary nature.

The Faculty of Education has a role in the initial training of teachers and leaders in education-allied occupations. It also prepares professionals in the areas of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Kinesiology and Physical Education. It provides professional development services to the wider educational community and it is concerned with constructing knowledge through research and scholarship.

In recent years, a number of links have been established with counterparts in other countries for teaching, research, and development purposes. Current active projects, some of which involve students as well as staff, include those in Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, and Mexico.

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Faculty of Education—2021-2022 (last updated Feb. 12, 2021) (disclaimer)
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