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Summer Studies

Summer Studies in Management

If you want to make up deficiencies in your background or accelerate progress in your degree, you may do so by taking summer courses at McGill or at another institution. Please note that McGill's course offerings are not guaranteed from year to year.

Each summer, from early May to July, some core and elective courses are offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management for full credit. They are available to Management students, and to students from other faculties and universities who have the necessary course prerequisites.

Information on summer courses is available from:


  • Summer Studies Office
  • Telephone: 514-398-5212
  • Email: summer.studies [at]
  • Website:

You are permitted to take 6 credits in any one summer period (May to July) due to the intensive nature of the offerings. Should you require additional credits, you must consult with one of the BCom Associate Directors.

If you want to pursue courses at another institution, credit will be granted for such courses only if they fit into your overall program, and if written permission to complete such courses for credit has been obtained in advance from the BCom Student Affairs Office. A course that overlaps with material already completed in your program, or a language course that does not substantially progress beyond corresponding language courses already taken, will not receive credit approval. For more information about transferring credits, see Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing.

The Desautels Faculty of Management offers the International Summer Program, which is designed to provide international undergraduate students from other universities the opportunity to gain critical North American perspectives on issues of global importance. For further information, please refer to the International Summer Program website.

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