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Examinations in the Faculty of Management

For information about final examinations and deferred examinations, also see University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Examinations: General Information.

Final examinations are centrally administered by Enrolment Services. Around the beginning of November and March, a final examination schedule will be posted on the McGill Exams website by Enrolment Services. The seating arrangements are posted on the McGill website toward the end of the last week of classes.

BCom students and non-Management students taking BCom courses are contacted by Enrolment Services via McGill email regarding final exam conflicts. Arrangements to resolve final exam conflicts are made and communicated by Enrolment Services via McGill email as well. You should also refer to the BCom website for more information, or contact Enrolment Services Service Point. Students are warned not to make travel arrangements to leave Montreal prior to the posting of the official final examination schedule.

BCom courses cannot have examinations scheduled during the last two weeks of term worth more than 10% of the final grade. You must repeat any grades of D or F in core courses or courses as part of a concentration, minor, major, or honours program. However, D is a passing grade for elective courses.

Supplemental Examinations

Supplemental Examinations

Supplemental examinations are not offered in undergraduate courses administered by the Desautels Faculty of Management. If you are required to improve your standing in a course, you must repeat the course in a subsequent term, completing all course requirements to the satisfaction of the instructor. Faculty policy does not allow you to do additional work to improve your standing in a course.

Deferred Examinations

Deferred Examinations

For missed final examinations, whatever the reason may be, professors and students are not to make alternate arrangements. If you are unable to write your final exam due to illness or another serious reason, you may apply for a deferral of your exam through your Minerva account, and if your application is accepted, you will be permitted to write it during the next deferred examination period.

To qualify, you must obtain documentation (such as a doctor's note) explaining your inability to write the exam, which must be dated within 5 days of the exam, and bring it to the BCom Office as soon as possible after the exam. The application and supporting documentation must be submitted no later than January 15 (for Fall courses) or May 15 (Winter and Fall-Winter courses).

The BCom Office will then review the reasons for which the exam was missed and decide whether to allow you to write a deferred final exam. If approved, you will write the final exam during the University's official deferred exam period—specific dates in March (Fall terms) and August (Winter and Summer terms). It is up to you to verify the deferral schedule, which is administered by the Registrar.

It is recommended that students who have been approved for deferred exams meet with an academic adviser.

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