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Minor Concentration Anthropology (18 credits)

Offered by: Anthropology     Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Program Requirements

The Minor Concentration Anthropology permits students to explore the development and diversity of human beings and human society and culture through courses in human evolution, prehistoric archaeology, and socio-cultural anthropology. Students may include courses in all of these fields, or may focus on one or two.

This program may be expanded to the Major Concentration Anthropology.

Complementary Courses (18 credits)

6-9 credits from 200-level courses in Anthropology.

9-12 credits from any 300-, or 400-, or 500-level courses in Anthropology (only 3 credits of which can be at the 400 or 500 level. Only 1 Special Topic course can be taken.)

Faculty of Arts—2021-2022 (last updated Sep. 1, 2021) (disclaimer)
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